Vegan Pumpkin Pie

We've been vegan for almost five years. In that time, I've been trying to find a good vegan pumpkin pie recipe. It's the only baked good that I've had a hard time replicating. I've tried tofu versions, versions with agar, and versions with cornstarch. I really disliked the tofu version and the … Continue reading

Wacky Bundt Cake

This recipe has quickly become a favorite in our house. The recipe is versatile. It works well as a bundt cake and also as cupcakes. I scaled it up 2 1/2 times for a bundt cake. Double works well, but 2 1/2 worked perfectly for my 10 cup bundt pan. Vegans and non-vegans alike rave about it. I'm … Continue reading

Wacky Cake

A friend of mine is a big World War II aficionado. She likes to make a World War II era cake recipe, lovingly called Wacky Cake, and sometimes Crazy Cake. It was created during a time of war rations when dairy and eggs were at a premium. It's also accidentally vegan! I kept seeing a King Arthur … Continue reading

Vegan Marble Bundt Cake

Late last summer I made some delicious vanilla bean cupcakes from Isa Chandra Moskowitz for a friend's birthday. I've made them many times since and tweaked the recipe slightly. I've not had much luck getting the ganache to thicken using almond milk and switched to soy. I also love marble cake, so … Continue reading

Happy Pi Day!

It's been a long time since I made a pie, so celebrating Pi Day seemed like a good excuse to spend some time in the kitchen for one of my favorite desserts. I wanted to try making a rhubarb and strawberry pie, but I couldn't find any rhubarb locally. I opted to make an apple pie instead. I … Continue reading