Multigrain Struan Bread

I've been on a bread baking tear lately. The current state of the world politics, the US specifically, leaves me anxious. My temporary solution has been to disengage from social media which seems to make it worse and dive into simple pleasures like baking bread. I recently purchased one of Peter … Continue reading

Vegan Pumpkin Pie

We've been vegan for almost five years. In that time, I've been trying to find a good vegan pumpkin pie recipe. It's the only baked good that I've had a hard time replicating. I've tried tofu versions, versions with agar, and versions with cornstarch. I really disliked the tofu version and the … Continue reading

Wacky Bundt Cake

This recipe has quickly become a favorite in our house. The recipe is versatile. It works well as a bundt cake and also as cupcakes. I scaled it up 2 1/2 times for a bundt cake. Double works well, but 2 1/2 worked perfectly for my 10 cup bundt pan. Vegans and non-vegans alike rave about it. I'm … Continue reading

Wacky Cake

A friend of mine is a big World War II aficionado. She likes to make a World War II era cake recipe, lovingly called Wacky Cake, and sometimes Crazy Cake. It was created during a time of war rations when dairy and eggs were at a premium. It's also accidentally vegan! I kept seeing a King Arthur … Continue reading